Vendor Information

Regional Food Flavors

Food vendors and local crafters for the festival will be selected based on their appropriateness in conveying regional food flavors (barbecue, tamales, catfish, fried pies, sugar biscuits, chocolate gravy, etc.) and arts and crafts and artisans from the Delta area.


Demonstrations also are encouraged that relate to life in the colony, such as quilting, canning and preserving, ceramics decoration, and toy making. During the 1930s, some of these activities were done cooperatively and marketed outside the colony to generate additional income.

Printed materials and commentary about their significance in the colony should accompany the demonstrations.

Setting Up

Vendors will have opportunities to set up in the Colony Circle on Thursday and Friday and/or in the Field adjacent to the Cash Home on Saturday.


Food Vendor [PDF]

Arts and Crafts Vendor [PDF]